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Hubei Daya Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a "national high-tech enterprise" and "provincial scientific and technological innovation enterprise" that produces biological fine chemicals as its leading products and integrates technology research and development and production and operation. "Provincial Postdoctoral Industrial Base" and "Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center". The company was founded from scratch in 2002, relying on the two national invention patents of the chairman Xu Zhenming.
The company is located in Jingzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shashi Industrial Park, No. 86, covering an area of 250 acres. The existing workshop and buildings have a total area of 56000 ㎡. The company's business scope: production and sales of food additives, fine chemicals (excluding dangerous chemicals) and other products; self-employed and agent of all kinds of goods and technology import and export business.
The company currently employs nearly 200 people. Among them, there are 1 postdoctoral fellow, 2 senior engineers who enjoy the subsidy of the State Council, 1 young and middle-aged expert who has made outstanding contributions in Hubei Province, and 2 senior engineers who enjoy the subsidy of the Hubei provincial government. Professional and technical personnel account for 30.5 per cent of the total number of employees. The company has a complete set of institutions, the establishment of the general party branch, trade unions, the Communist Youth League and other party organizations and industry technology research and development experimental platform.
The company adheres to continuous technological innovation, independently researches and develops 9 national invention patent technologies, undertakes and completes 1 project of "national major industrial technology development special project", 1 project of "national torch plan", 2 projects of "national innovation fund", 2 projects of "provincial science and technology research plan", and 1 project of "provincial major science and technology special project. With the core technology to support the development of enterprises, the company's independent research and development of polysaccharide material denaturation core technology, with international standards. National invention patent products such as "textile printing paste" have been rated as "national new products", "national torch plan products", "provincial key new products" and "provincial major science and technology special products" respectively ". The product has obvious cost-effective advantages, and the sales of individual products rank among the same industry in China, and enjoy a good brand reputation in the domestic market.
With years of accumulated technological innovation and market resources, the company continues to grow into a leading enterprise in the same industry. The existing annual production capacity of 16000 tons of fine chemicals, there are 1 special production line for 3000 tons/year paper coating special water retaining agent, 1 special production line for 3000 tons paper coating special lubricant, 1 special production line for 3000 tons/year reactive printing paste, 1 special production line for 3000 tons/year dispersed printing paste, 1 special production line for 3000 tons/year acrylic acid series thickener and 1 special production line for 500 tons/year food additive. As well as a number of sets of textile auxiliaries, food additives, biological bacteria and other intermediate process technology test equipment, for the follow-up rapid development of enterprises laid a good foundation.
The company has complete R & D and production equipment, attaches great importance to product quality and new product development, cultivates a well-trained R & D, production team and management system, and is committed to creating new profit growth points. The company has four series of products, of which: NDY series printing paste is a special textile printing paste developed by the company's provincial post-doctoral industrial base and the provincial biological engineering technology research center, which uses algae and polysaccharide natural polymer compounds as the main raw materials. The product technology was listed in the "Major Technology Project of Hubei Province" and won the "Technology Invention Award" of the provincial government ". DY-X printing thickener is suitable for active and dispersed printing, which has the characteristics of increasing permeability, improving shear thinning of color paste and reducing cost. The special water retaining agent for papermaking coating is a necessity to control the reasonable penetration and overflow of water in the coating. It won the "National Invention Patent Silver Award" invention patent, was recognized as a "national key new product", and won the "Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award". PES-C high-efficiency paper coating lubricant is developed by the company's provincial post-doctoral industrial base. It is a kind of high-efficiency nano-scale paper coating special lubricant produced by using two national invention patent technologies.
The company was awarded the title of "China Excellent Private Technology Enterprise" by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and China Private Technology Entrepreneurs Association; it was awarded the title of "National Model Workers' Home" by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions; the company won the provincial government's "Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Award" And the provincial "May 1st" labor award; product technology and products won one "National Invention Patent Silver Award", four "Provincial Science and" Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award "Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award;" Da Ya "trademark was named" Hubei famous trademark ".
We have made efforts, and we will make greater efforts to continue to adhere to continuous technological innovation, develop the enterprising spirit of enterprises, develop and expand and strengthen enterprises, and make greater contributions to local social and economic development.