The printing and dyeing industry, also known as the dyeing and finishing industry

The printing and dyeing industry, also known as the dyeing and finishing industry, is a key link in the deep processing of textiles and the improvement of added value. Dyeing and finishing is a kind of processing technology, which is a general term for gray cloth dyeing, printing, finishing, washing water, etc. Its process mainly includes dyeing, printing, overflow, etc. The printing and dyeing industry is in the middle of the textile and garment industry chain, providing fabrics for downstream garment manufacturing enterprises. The advantages and disadvantages of fabrics mainly depend on the printing and dyeing and finishing links in the textile production chain. High-grade fabrics are 30% more expensive than ordinary fabrics on average. Functional, environmentally friendly and intelligent fabrics make the printing and dyeing industry more and more important in the textile industry chain, and the printing and dyeing industry has played a major role in enhancing the value of the textile industry chain.
In addition to consuming a lot of energy in the printing and dyeing process, a large amount of water and chemical raw materials must be invested, resulting in a large amount of sewage discharge. Printing and dyeing process usually involves desizing, refining, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, finishing, drying, finished product 8 steps. Each of these steps requires a large amount of raw materials and chemical reagents, and also produces a large amount of wastewater and pollutants. In China's current environmental problems are increasingly serious, printing and dyeing industry as a typical high water consumption, high emission industry, its development will be closely related to the orientation of environmental protection policy.
In recent years, China's printing and dyeing industry is facing problems such as environmental protection upgrading and overcapacity. Through the development of national supply-side structural reform, China's printing and dyeing industry has entered the stage of quality development.

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