To Promote the Printing and Dyeing Industry Agglomeration to Accelerate the Building of Modern Textile Industry Cluster

Yesterday morning, the commencement ceremony of the cross-regional agglomeration and promotion of the printing and dyeing industry in Shaoxing city was held in our district, which means that the five major printing and dyeing groups of the cross-regional agglomeration and promotion project of the printing and dyeing industry in the urban area have all been substantially started, marking a solid step forward in the cross-regional agglomeration and promotion of the printing and dyeing industry in the urban area.
Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Weiguang announced the start of construction, Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Sheng Yuechun delivered a speech, Vice Mayor Shao Quanmao presided over, and Keqiao District Party Committee Secretary Shen Zhijiang delivered a speech. City leaders Tan Zhigui, Wei Wei and Lu Wei, Yuecheng District leader Jin Xiaoming, Keqiao District leaders Zhao Rulang, Meng Baigan and Shen Zuwei attended.
Hongda Group Project is formed by the integration of 14 printing and dyeing enterprises with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. It is not only the final work of this printing and dyeing group gathering and promotion, but also the largest printing and dyeing industry project in the city so far. The project will optimize the design and process reengineering of each main production process in the production process of dyeing, printing, and finishing at the time of agglomeration and relocation, so as to truly become bigger, stronger, green, and environmentally friendly, and become a domestic first-class The printing and dyeing industry aircraft carrier will fully promote the high-tech, intelligent and green development of the printing and dyeing industry.
In his speech, Sheng Yuechun pointed out that the implementation of the cross-regional agglomeration and upgrading project of the printing and dyeing industry in the urban area is a major decision of the municipal party committee and municipal government to build a modern industrial system and create an important growth pole for the province's high-quality development. It is hoped that Yuecheng and Keqiao will further communicate and dock closely, with the concept of "one game of chess" and the feelings of "one family", be a good "waiter" and a good "waiter", deepen and refine various service guarantee work, and help enterprises move out of Xintiandi. It is hoped that the Municipal Promotion Office and other departments will carry out in-depth activities of "three stationing and three services", make concerted efforts to provide the best services for project construction and enterprise development, and make greater contributions to speeding up the city's comprehensive economic strength to return to the top 30 in the country and building an "important window" with the actual results of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.
In his speech, Shen Zhijiang said that Keqiao will take the start of this project as an opportunity to continue to do a good job in attracting investment and selecting capital, further increase the intensity of attracting business and industrial chain investment, and accelerate the construction progress of existing key projects. Lay the foundation for long-term development and increase stamina. Continue to play the "first move" of industrial clusters, with the goal of "green high-end, world-leading", strive to build a national printing and dyeing industry transformation and upgrading demonstration zone, focus on the large textile industry chain to supplement the chain and strengthen the chain, and strive to build a world-class modern textile industry cluster. Continue to polish the "golden business card" of the business environment, take the "run at most once" reform as the traction, fully provide the best service, create the best environment in the whole area, and contribute more strength to the construction of "important window" to display the most beautiful scenery in Shaoxing.

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