Adhere to ecological restoration and devote to urban repair and water repair. Take the "double repair" of the city as the starting point to improve the function and quality of the city.

Recently, the construction of the black-to-white project on Xiushui Avenue, with a total length of 4.2 kilometers and an investment of 19.5 million yuan, has been fully completed after more than three months of overtime work. "the upgrading and transformation of this road will greatly enhance the taste of the city, improve the travel conditions of the masses, and enhance the function and quality of the city." Huang Huiyun, the project leader and deputy director of the county's Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, said. Since the beginning of this year, Xiushui County has adhered to the "urban double repair" of ecological restoration and urban repair as the starting point, focusing on improving the ecological environment, enhancing the taste of the city, and making up for the shortcomings of the city, continuously enhancing the strength and development stamina of the city, and making every effort to improve the function and quality of the city. To create a harmonious and livable environment, with high-quality urban development, promote the county economic and social development.
Adhere to ecological restoration and promote the quality of urban living environment. In accordance with the requirements of "clean and tidy city appearance and beautiful environment", the investment in the management and protection of urban gardens has been increased. The total area of road green space and public green space in the north and south of the city and Liangtang New District has reached 1445544.6 square meters, with 9957 street trees. Through bidding, 13 maintenance units were selected for regional maintenance and management. The cadres of the landscaping institute will carry out a detailed division of labor. Each cadre will be specific to each road and each green space. A large-scale carpet maintenance investigation will be carried out on the green space in the whole urban area. The specific maintenance standards and responsible persons of each area will be clarified, and the standing books and logs will be prepared in a timely manner. Feedback the problems existing in the daily investigation to the maintenance enterprise for immediate treatment, so as to make the daily management fine and long-term management concrete, and truly grasp the daily maintenance management work. Carry out the construction of landscaping construction projects. The vacant land in the urban area was replanted, and the mountains around Nanshan Hotel, Lingxiu Sunshine Mountain, the vacant vegetable land around Liangtang Auto City, and the vacant land on Luliangdong Avenue where there are vacant land and vegetable land were afforested. A total of more than 7400 plants such as single-pole heather, alder, wetland pine, cherry blossom, peach, etc., more than 450 ball plants, more than 200 vine plants, more than 13000 small shrubs and more than 3500 square meters of grass. The upgrading and renovation of urban parks and green belts of primary and secondary trunk roads have been completed. The upgrading and renovation of park green spaces and road green spaces such as Oceania Park, Majiazhou Park, Yanjiang Road in the north of the city, high-speed connecting line, extension of Ninghong Avenue, Sanyuan Road, Xiushui Avenue and Luliang Avenue have been completed. A total of more than 3000 trees such as metasequoia, single-pole hedra, hedra, single-hedra, sweet-peach, cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry, there are more than 40000 shrubs such as Photinia rubra, more than 3500 square meters of Ophiopogon japonicus and turf, and more than 12000 square meters of sown turf. The infrastructure of Majiazhou Park (public toilets, gallery pavilions, pillow bridges, garbage bins, etc.) was repaired and replaced in accordance with the environmental rectification requirements of 4A scenic spot.
Committed to urban repair, improve urban function and quality. In accordance with the requirements of "complete facilities and perfect functions", increase investment in urban repair and urban construction projects. Comprehensive repairs were made to the municipal facilities in the city. A total of 7340.4 square meters of road surface and sidewalk were repaired, 154 manhole covers were replaced, 185 cover plates were replaced, and 6 rainwater wells were newly built, actively solving the problem of water accumulation in 5 roads such as Yining Avenue and Chengfeng Road. Strengthen the management of three floating bridges in the urban area, repair the hull of the floating bridge, and replace damaged wooden boards and steel cables, etc. Strengthen the rectification of weak current pipelines, strictly require weak current pipelines in newly-built residential areas to "share one hole pipeline and one household line" to realize "co-construction and sharing"; We will accelerate the renovation of all kinds of overhead lines on both sides of the main roads. At present, the north of the city has completed the bundling of pipelines, the south of the city has completed the construction of the original roads and Jiujiu roads, and the construction of Ninghong Avenue, Luliangxi Avenue and Xiushui Avenue has been completed. Invest 6.8421 million yuan to carry out a municipal renovation project for Ninghong Market. The renovation mainly includes repairing 2500 square meters of market roads, paving 18000 square meters of asphalt, paving 7500 square meters of marble sidewalks, improving 3500 meters of drainage and sewage pipes and 1100 meters of weak current pipe network. A total of 920000 yuan has been invested in the construction of municipal minor projects, and the asphalt pavement removal and repair works of Beimen Station and Ninghong Avenue have been completed successively, completed the construction of sewage pipeline reconstruction projects such as Ganbei Lane and Gushangzhou, completed the construction of six small retaining walls, completed the construction of cement railings on both sides of Ninghong Bridge, completed the construction of stone painting on both sides of Ninghong Bridge, completed the construction of paint painting and decoration of sidewalks on both sides of Nanling Tunnel, and completed the construction of paint painting and decoration of anti-collision guardrails on both sides of Raojiajing Bridge, the construction of the cultural wall landscape upgrading and reconstruction project along Xiushui Avenue was completed. Actively do a good job in the maintenance of lighting equipment, complete the upgrading and renovation of Liangtang 100 pole Chinese lamp, replace 900 ball covers, 900 LED bulbs, and replace 500 meters of protective wires; Comprehensive maintenance and replacement of street lamps in Nanling Tunnel; 60 convenient lights in the south and north of the city have been repaired. Centralized handling of cable line faults in Kelon Line, Han Yuan, Zoumagang, Hongkeng River and other places; In daily maintenance and management work, 680 street lamps were repaired, 7 cable failures were handled, more than 300 meters of cable were replaced, control box time-controlled switches and contactor switches were replaced for more than 60 times, and 7 lamp pole collision accidents were handled.

Related News

Daya Company Held Four Workers' Congress

On November 3, the company's fourth first employee congress was held in the company conference room. A total of 81 staff representatives, non-voting representatives and specially invited representatives attended the meeting. At the meeting, Xu Zhenming, chairman of the company, explained and made a mobilization speech on "the company's three-year development plan (2022-2024)" and "employee salary management measures. Participants conducted on-site discussions and solicitation of opinions through group discussions and presidium meetings to fully perform their duties, express their opinions, and provide suggestions. After full discussion, the staff representatives reached a consensus.

Daiya Company Held 2021 Safety Production Month Mobilization Meeting

In order to further carry out the 20th national safety production month with the theme of "implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development", firmly establish the concept of safety development and compact the safety production responsibility, on the morning of June 18, the company held the 2021 safety production month mobilization and deployment meeting, with the heads of all departments (offices, centers) and workshops (sections) of the company participating in the meeting.

Daya Company Launching Lecture on National History and Party History

In order to deepen the education of party history and national history, further stimulate the ideological atmosphere of loving the motherland, learning and labor. On May 22, Xu Zhenming, chairman of the company, gave a special party lecture on "knowing history, loving the party, knowing history and patriotism" for party members, party activists, management personnel and persons in charge above the workshop section. In the nearly two-hour report, Mr. Xu used the past to describe the present, quoted from the past, and presented an ideological feast for the majority of party members and cadres.

Da Ya Company Held Safety Production Training for All Staff after Spring Festival

On February 17, the company held a training for all employees in production safety after the Spring Festival in 2021. Around the two themes of "Safety Instructions for Resuming Work and Resuming Production after the Festival" and "How to Implement the Main Responsibility", policy interpretation, situation analysis and specific case discussion were carried out. This training further enhanced the safety production awareness of the trainees and laid the foundation for improving the safety production management mechanism.

Da Ya company held anti-static knowledge lectures

On January 14, the company's safety and environment department carried out anti-static safety knowledge training, and employees from various departments and workshops of the company participated in the training. The training mainly focuses on the generation of static electricity, the harm of static electricity to the chemical industry, anti-static measures and other aspects, aiming to improve their own awareness of prevention, prevent and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, and create a safe and orderly production and working environment.

Daya Company Launching Special Training for Safety Production in Winter

On November 30, the safety and environment department of the company organized the employees of all departments and workshops of the company to carry out special study on safety production in winter, explaining in detail the contents of "how to do a good job in leakage management" and "how to do four no injuries" in winter, and requiring all workshops and teams to take various preventive measures to reduce and avoid safety production accidents caused by bad weather and other conditions. Through training, the company's employees have gained a new understanding and improvement in winter safety awareness, responsibility awareness and safe operation, which provides a strong guarantee for safe operation in winter.