Domestic new crown inactivated vaccine heavyweight news: hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated with zero infection.

On the 10th, the domestic vaccine produced another blockbuster good news. Netizens gave a thumbs up when they saw it and called "awesome"!
Hundreds of thousands of new crown inactivated vaccine recipients now have zero infections
According to reports, the head of China National Pharmaceutical Group revealed in an interview with the media on the emergency use of the new crown inactivated vaccine and overseas Phase III clinical studies that the two new crown inactivated vaccines developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group have been vaccinated for emergency use, with no obvious adverse reactions and no infection. Tens of thousands of people who went to high-risk overseas countries and regions after vaccination have achieved zero infection so far.
Zhou Song, general counsel of China Medicine, introduced that there are three domestic new crown inactivated vaccine approved for clinical trials, and China Medicine China Biology accounts for two of them. At present, it is also the one with the largest number of emergency vaccinations and the largest number of people. Hundreds of thousands of people have been hit. There is no obvious adverse reaction and no one is infected.
Zhou Song stressed that the more significant is that the emergency use of the new crown inactivated vaccine, are aimed at high-risk exposed groups, such as the treatment of new crown infected medical institutions medical staff, to the epidemic high-risk countries of diplomatic personnel, expatriates, Chinese enterprises "Belt and Road" construction personnel and so on. These tens of thousands of people have been overseas for several months after they have been vaccinated. They have parallel comparisons overseas, that is to say, there are regional outbreaks overseas. They have been vaccinated and went there. Compared with the local employees who stayed behind, some left behind employees are infected, but he is not infected. Parallel control data like this are available in many countries, especially tens of thousands of people who went to high-risk countries and regions overseas after vaccination, achieving zero infection, which proves the effectiveness of the vaccine.
Zhang Yuntao, vice president of Chinese medicine, said that the new crown inactivated vaccine I, II clinical studies in China, have produced neutralizing antibodies. "Neutralizing antibody testing is a gold standard," and neutralizing antibodies will continue to be observed in overseas Phase III clinical studies. Neutralizing antibodies are comparable. Overseas trials have expanded the race, country and population. The most important thing is to be recognized overseas, which will be better for future applications.
He said that in the past, it was very difficult for us to export vaccines. There were a series of regulatory restrictions and clinical restrictions. Now our scientific and technological strength is strong. Phase I and II clinical trial data are recognized overseas, and phase III clinical research is directly carried out overseas, which is a model of international cooperation. In the future, China will approve and these countries will be able to legally comply with the market as long as they have done these clinical studies. He revealed that there is currently an international intention to 0.5 billion doses of the new crown inactivated vaccine.
When will the new crown inactivated vaccine be available?
Zhou Song said that at present, the production of the new crown inactivated vaccine of the China Biological Beijing Institute of Biological Products of the National Pharmaceutical Group has passed the joint biosafety inspection organized by the relevant departments and has the conditions for use. The National Pharmaceutical Group has invested about 2 billion yuan to build two high-level biosafety production workshops. Inactivated vaccines can be marketed as soon as the end of December.
What is the price of the new crown inactivated after listing?
Zhang Yuntao said that the overall price of the vaccine will definitely be significantly lower than 1000 yuan, but the price has not yet been set. Whether two or three shots will be inoculated in the future depends on the test results. If it is two stitches, it is also possible to strengthen one stitch in half a year or a year, which is the greatest possibility.
How long does it take to produce antibodies after vaccination?
Zhou Song said that how long the vaccine can produce antibodies is also related to the immune program. A total of two doses of the new crown inactivated vaccine are required, with an interval of 2-4 weeks. After the first dose, research shows that antibodies are generally produced within 7 days. After 28 days after the second dose, the positive conversion rate or positive rate of neutralizing antibodies reaches 100%, that is, after 28 days after the two doses of vaccine are vaccinated according to the standard immunization procedure, everyone produces high titer antibodies sufficient to resist the new crown virus.
How long will the new crown vaccine give us protection?
Zhou Song said that there are several different versions and statements. For example, the first version and statement said that the antibody disappeared in the body within 3 to 6 months. Our company has also made it public. The first people we used to vaccinate were called "180 vanguards who tested drugs by themselves". It has been five or six months since we first used the vaccine. They have been drawing blood to monitor its antibody value. At present, it is still in the stable period of antibody peak and has not declined, so the first statement is self-defeating. The second argument is more optimistic, saying that is it possible to be immune for life? Like when I was a child, I was vaccinated against smallpox for life. Now look at this possibility is not too big. At present, according to animal experiments, phased research results and previous similar technology platform vaccines, the persistence of immunity and the effect of protection are estimated to be more than 1 to 3 years.
Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial Suspended
Trump's favored vaccine goes wrong
On the 9th local time, the US public health news website STAT reported that a high-profile new crown vaccine in the UK has suspended a phase III clinical trial due to a suspected serious adverse reaction in a vaccine subject.
It is reported that this vaccine is funded by the US government and jointly developed by Oxford University and British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.
AstraZeneca said in a statement that it had initiated the standard review process and suspended vaccination to allow review of safety data. In addition, the company will put the research process on hold.
A person familiar with the matter said that the subjects were expected to recover, but the nature and timing of the adverse reactions were not clear.
It is said that this is the second time in the clinical trial of the vaccine that subjects have experienced a disease reaction.
STAT reported that there are currently 9 candidate vaccines in the third phase of trials worldwide, and the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca is the first known vaccine to be suspended from clinical trials.
According to the U.S. Political News Network (Politico), the AstraZeneca vaccine is one of several vaccines supported by Trump's "Curve Overtaking Program" (OperationWarpSpeed) to accelerate the development of a new crown vaccine.
The Trump administration has agreed to grant $1.2 billion to AstraZeneca's vaccine program and has pre-ordered 0.3 billion doses of the vaccine. Earlier, the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) stated in a report that the Trump administration had considered granting emergency use authorization to AstraZeneca's vaccine before election day so that it could be used in the United States.
According to the report, if the vaccine can be used before the election, it is enough to prove that the Trump administration, which has faced widespread doubts, has the ability to deal with the new crown epidemic.
It is reported that the AstraZeneca vaccine phase III clinical trials are being conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa to determine the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.
Those studies have been suspended as an independent committee launches a review of the safety of the company's vaccines.

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