Reactive printing paste series

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Reactive printing paste series

Product Description

Reactive printing paste series is a special paste commonly used in textile printing. The characteristic of the reactive printing paste is that it can chemically react with the fiber at low temperature, so that the pigment is firmly attached to the fiber, and it has good washing fastness.

Reactive printing paste series usually consists of the following components:

1. Active agent: This is the main component of the reactive printing paste, which can chemically react with the fiber to make the pigment and the fiber firmly combined.

2. Amine salt: used to neutralize the acidic part of the active agent, adjust the pH value of the paste, and play the role of catalyst in the reaction.

3. Dispersant: used to disperse the pigment, so that the pigment is evenly dispersed in the paste, to ensure the quality of the printing effect.

4. Stabilizer: used to stabilize the viscosity and fluidity of the paste, making it easy to print operation and control.

Reactive printing paste series are widely used in the textile printing industry, common applications include T-shirts, shirts, bedding and other textile printing process. It has the advantages of bright colors, clear patterns, soft hand feeling, and the printing effect is durable and not easy to fade.

It should be noted that the use of reactive printing paste for printing requires a certain degree of technology and technology to ensure that the printing effect and firmness meet expectations. It is recommended to understand the product description and process guidance in detail before use, or consult a professional textile printing engineer for more accurate information and advice.

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