Eight Treasure Porridge Compound Additive

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Eight Treasure Porridge Compound Additive


Product Description

Eight Treasure Porridge Compound Additive

  1. performance characteristics

P eight-treasure porridge compound additive is a kind of high-efficiency multifunctional core/shell polymer coating special lubricant developed by our factory to improve the physical and chemical properties of the coating and improve its functional role after referring to and analyzing similar foreign products. It is mainly used in the coating of coated paper to improve the printing gloss and smoothness of the paper, improve the printing color density, strengthen the peeling, protect and lubricate the scraper, and improve the appearance quality and printability of the paper.

The process technology of this product has passed the expert appraisal organized by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and has been recognized as a domestic leading level. It is a domestic initiative and has been recommended as a "national key new product" by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology. It has been proved by more than 100 users across the country that the comprehensive application effect of this product is obviously better than that of the traditional product SCD, equivalent to imported products, and cost-effective than imported products.

  2. physical characteristics

This product is light yellow to light brown translucent emulsion, easily dispersed in water, good thermal stability, 60 ℃ below the storage and use of non-stratification, no failure, and other components of the coating system has a good compatibility.

  3. technical indicators

Indicator Name



Light yellow to light brown translucent emulsion

Solid content%


PH value (2% solution)


Viscosity (mpa.s)



No layering

The test method shall be in accordance with the method specified in Q/HBDY20-2009 standard document.

  4. dosage and usage

The dosage of this product in the coating is 0.5-1% (calculated by the absolute amount of pigment). This product can be directly added into the dispersed pigment dispersion liquid to stir and disperse.

  5. packaging and precautions

1. This product is packed in 200kg and 1000kg plastic barrels.

2. The storage temperature of this product shall not be lower than 5 ℃

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