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papermaking additive

papermaking additive

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Particulate paper retention and drainage aid

MPS nano-scale high-efficiency papermaking retention aid is a nano-scale silica sol product modified by metal salt, which is developed by Hubei Daya Company's provincial postdoctoral industrial base in cooperation with Wuhan University's School of Environmental Resources, and has been included in the national major industrial technology development plan and investment plan project. The product has a small particle size, large specific surface area, high negative charge density, strong electrostatic adsorption capacity, can induce particle aggregation into small and uniform, dense and more open three-dimensional network structure of the flocs, can significantly improve the fine fiber and filler, size retention rate in the papermaking process, accelerate the dehydration of pulp, reduce fiber loss in white water, it can effectively improve the uniformity of paper, improve the quality of paper, save fiber raw materials and reduce environmental pollution. It is a new product with high efficiency retention aid, filtration aid, resource conservation and environmental friendliness.

Konjac food compound additive

The MDY series food additive products developed by Hubei Daya Company "Provincial Postdoctoral Industrial Base" are made of natural polysaccharide polymer compounds through advanced technology and scientific compounding. The product is white or slightly yellow powder, is a natural polysaccharide derivatives, harmless to the human body, with biodigestible, easily absorbed by the human body. This product can be quickly dissolved in water to get viscous and good flow properties of colloidal solution. Its aqueous solution has good water retention, thickening, thermal stability and freeze-thaw stability. For konjac products (powder), it can improve the viscosity and transparency of konjac sol, improve the toughness and strength of konjac gel, and enhance the thermal stability, freeze-thaw stability and water holding capacity of konjac products.